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Set in a small isolated village in 14th century Wales, Alice is a sixteen year old girl who is accused of being a witch and causing the plague that has ravaged the village, taking the lives of many, including Alice's own father. When it is revealed that Alice has been hiding her mother's infection, she is forced to watch The Cleanser, an ominous masked figure, brutally dispatch her mother. The town preacher and de-facto leader Tom has eyes for Alice, and subjects her to five torturous trials after she spurns his advances. Escaping the night before her execution, with the help of her mother's friend Mary, she flees into the forest and discovers the secluded hut of a mysterious healer, with his own troubled past and demons to face. He nurses her back to health, and teaches her how to exact revenge upon those that persecuted her.


  • 8.0 HD 诡航班 Michael,Paré,Crystal,Santos,Chanel,Ryan
  • 8.0 HD 晒尸体 埃琳娜·勒文松,斯特凡纳·费拉拉,Bernie,Bonvoisin
  • 10.0 HD1280高清中字版 小丑回魂 比尔·斯卡斯加德,杰顿·李博赫,杰里米·雷·泰勒,索菲娅·莉莉丝,菲恩·伍法德,乔森·雅各布,杰克·迪伦·格雷泽,瓦耶特·奥莱夫,杰克逊·罗伯特·斯科特,尼古拉斯·汉密尔顿,杰克·辛,洛根·汤普森,欧文·泰格,斯蒂夫·博加尔特,斯图尔特·休斯,杰弗里·庞塞特,皮普·德怀尔,莫莉·阿特金森,史蒂文·威廉姆斯,伊丽莎白·桑德斯,梅根·查彭提尔,安东尼·尤埃西,哈维尔·博泰特,伊莎贝尔·内利瑟,尼尔·克容
  • 6.0 HD 灭绝:基因改造编年史 Daniel,Buder,海勒姆·凯勒,路易丝·巴哈尔
  • 5.0 HD高清 鬼吹灯之巫峡棺山 赵左,于心妍,米特
  • 9.0 HD 鬼话怪谈祥云寺 彭禺厶,陈玉勇




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